Ken Dunn's New Album "Live In L.A." Receives Stellar Review - Thirsty Boots - Sweden  

Trespass Music is pleased to share this review from Tom Arvidsson of Thirsty Boots in Sweden for Ken Dunn's new album "Live In L.A."

An urgent storyteller 
Ken Dunn - "Live In L.A." - Trespass Music 2019 

Ken Dunn has a big heart for peace and justice and he writes his songs with a firm belief that love and understanding can save the world. That may sound a bit convoluted, but it is just the opposite. These songs are low-key, but intensely crammed with positive convictions. 

After five full-length albums and a few EP-releases, Ken Dunn has now recorded a live album solo at Kulak's Woodshed in North Hollywood. In addition to Ken's dedicated voice, there are just his own guitar and a harmonica on one song. 

Most of the songs are released before on his studio-albums, but completely solo and peeled off, these songs shine even more and leave such impact that there is an absolute silence in the room. And that, we know, does not occur so often in the States... 

Despite these observations. I believe, that Ken Dunn's studio recordings have a bigger chance of reaching a wider audience. They get a bit more speed with a band backing, but this record is made for those who understand really honest music, played with a true nerve and pure quality. 


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Genre: Folk, Acoustic, Canadiana 

Ken Dunn is a modern day traveling troubadour, giving social and environmental issues a voice in song, while reminding us to keep our loved ones and peace at the forefront of this precious life. Ken was born in Windsor, Ontario and now resides on the Sunshine Coast in Gibsons, BC. 

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