Lynne Taylor Releases New Album “SHADES OF BLUE” November 1st!!  

Trespass Music is pleased to release Lynne Taylor's new album "Shades of Blue" November 1st! 



A 2017 finalist in both the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and the Philadelphia Songwriters Project Songwriting Competition, and a 2019 New England Music Award nominee, Lynne Taylor has been an important musical voice in New England for over 30 years.

Lynne's music has evolved as she has, and she is always pushing conventions and boundaries in the realm of social and personal awareness. Her lyric-driven songs have always ranged from dark and moody to hopeful and uplifting, and this latest offering continues in that same vein. An accomplished and emotive pianist and vocalist, Lynne is joined on this album by many of New England’s finest musicians including cellist Kristen Miller and guitarist Scott Solsky.

"Lynne Taylor is like a voice in the wilderness, howling for truth and justice, whether it be about empire building, media lies or street kids."  
 - Diane Crowe, Music of the People, WMCB, Greenfield, MA

"A 2017 finalist in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and Philadelphia Songwriters Project Songwriting Competition, Taylor has sensitive, reflective music with strong messages, reminiscent of ’70s folk-rock and ’90s artists such as Tori Amos. Accessible but fierce, she tells us in one of her songs, “A nation of consumers, we will eat what we are fed." Fortunately, we still have some options."  
-Gabriel Evans, Cambridge Day

Track Listing - Lynne Taylor "Shades of Blue"

1. *Shades of Blue  4:10 (Hymn-like, Old-Timey Americana) A prayerful song, acknowledging our common human experience and sending out love, empathy, and hope for all 
2. Blood Moon 4:25 (Piano, cello, eerie and melancholy) Blood Moon as a metaphor for a sense of foreboding  
3. *Not Dead Yet 5:19 (Piano, cello, violin, intense and powerful) A story of addiction and overdose, and its far-reaching effects 
4. *Coulda Been 3:20 (Upbeat, whimsical, kitchen implements for percussion!) A tale of an aging parent, a song of forgiveness 
5. *Ghosts of Antietam 4:30 (mid-tempo folk/rock) Reflections on current racism juxtaposed with scenes from the infamous Civil War battle. 
6. Godot 3:17 (Piano and cello, moody) A perplexed lover bemoans the disconnection of her partner from his own emotional landscape 
7. The Disguise 5:53 (Piano and guitar, mid-tempo folk/rock) A breakup song reflecting on the human tendency to hide our authentic selves out of fear of being truly seen. 
8. Autumn 6:14 (Piano and cello) This song describes several different tragic scenarios through a lens of compassion and the realization that enough love can heal it all.  
9. Grace 5:31 (mid-tempo gospel feel) Release into acceptance

Lynne Taylor – Shades of Blue - Recorded and mixed by Chet Woods at Hovel Studios  | Mastered by Dave Locke at JP Masters 
All Music and Lyrics by Lynne Taylor © 2019 except Shades of Blue by Lynne Taylor & C. Rockwood © 2019 

Lynne Taylor – Vocals & Piano 
Scott Solski – Sambaugh Electric Guitars | Charlie Rockwood Farr – Acoustic Guitar, Steel Guitar, Percussion | Cameron Smith – Rappoport Violin
Chuck Melchin – Mandolin | Kristine Malpica – Cajon | Meg Rayne & Lisah Plumley – Harmony Vocals | Lucian Parkin – Whistling 

Graphic Art by Charlie Rockwood Farr  |  Photography by Lisah Plumley


A 2017 finalist in both the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and the Philadelphia Songwriters Project Songwriting Competition,  and a 2019 New England Music Award nominee, Lynne Taylor has been an important musical voice in New England for nearly 30 years. Her music has evolved as she has, and is always pushing conventions and boundaries in the realm of social and personal awareness. Her lyrics range from dark and moody to hopeful and uplifting. She is different from any of her contemporaries – there is really no comparison to be made, either musically or lyrically.

The daughter of a folk musician and a poet, Lynne grew up in Kent, Ohio during the sixties and seventies, and absorbed the social consciousness of that time. She has always felt that music was her calling. She began writing her own songs at the age of fourteen and has been performing professionally ever since in a wide variety of genres ranging from bluegrass to punk rock and everything in between.

Always, Lynne’s music is characterized by poignant, brutally honest songwriting combined with powerful vocals and unique piano accompaniment.  A staple on the music scene in her adopted hometown of Newburyport, MA, she has been performing professionally across the eastern US since 1985. In addition to being a popular solo artist, Lynne can also be found having a blast playing upright electric bass in the popular bluegrass band, the River Valley Ramblers, and as half of the Americana duo, Rockwood Taylor, and as one third of the Leonard Cohen Tribute ensemble, Birds on the Wire

Lynne has played such venues as The Firehouse Center for the Arts, (MA) Tupelo Music Hall (NH), One Longfellow Square (ME), The Bluebird Cafe (TN), The Blue Plate Special (TN), The Purple Fiddle (WV), Isis Music Hall (NC), and numerous Festivals including Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (NY), The Granite State Music Festival (NH), Merlefest (NC), Rhythm and Blooms (TN) and Delfest (MD) to name a few. Her CD, “When Lightning Strikes” charted at #38 on the Folk DJ charts in August 2014 and she has shared the stage with countless top notch artists, from Odetta to Peter Mulvey, from Don White to Cosy Sheridon, from Dawes to Good Old War.

"Vocally and lyrically, artists like Tori Amos comes to mind, and then she hits you with a Michelle Shocked kinda vibe, and next thing you know, it’s like Ricki Lee Jones."  - Dana Marshall 92.5 The River  

“Clearly, Taylor is a fearless Singer-songwriter, one who is unafraid to get her hands dirty.”  -   Julia R. DeStefano, The Noise 


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