Safe As Houses New Album "Lucky Lucky Deluxe Receives Rave Review from Lonestar Time Italy 

Safe As Houses lands rave review for "Lucky Lucky Deluxe" from Remo Ricaldone - Lonestar Time in Italy!

"Safe As Houses, a quintet from Kitchener Ontario Canada, has released their third recording "Lucky Lucky Deluxe," featuring airy and very pleasant "alternative folk" in which pop-rock influences expand and colours the sound. 

Brothers Andrew and Thomas Laughton respectively on guitar and drums, guitarist Elliott Anton and Bensen Carter on bass and cello alongside Lauren Taylor's violin brings a treasured freshness to the record and rounds out a decidedly close-knit lineup of musicians. This quintet makes up a panorama proposing a personal vision of the folk tradition offering vivacity and youthful exuberance and a love for the pop melody. The album is catchy, intense and profound. 

"Lucky Lucky Deluxe" is a disc that flows with natural greatness, beautiful guitar riffs, a rhythm section that is never intrusive and discreetly accompanies the most lively moments on the album with insertions of violin and banjo underlining their passion for a unique sound while keeping the tradition and their own influences at the forefront. Vocally, Safe As Houses delivers uncommon sensitivity and beautiful harmonies. 

The album opens with "Those Days," almost hymn-like, sharing their passion for music, while soft well-crafted melodies are extremely enjoyable in "Hey Little" and "Just A Dream." Comparisons to Milk Carton Kids is absolutely credible and evident in "Coney Island Ride."  This deluxe version also includes two excellent acoustic pieces, the title track "Lucky Lucky" which gains more weight and importance stripped down and "Heat In Our Lungs" an intriguing and tantalizing folk ballad." 
Remo Ricaldone - Lonestar Time - Italy 

Read more HERE - Lonestar Time is a non-profit organization/webzine with the mission to spread Texas Music in Italy through the organization of concerts by American artists (especially Texans) and events of various kinds. The genres we promote are Texas Music, Alternative Country, Red Dirt, HonkyTonk, Americana, Roots, Texas Country and in general all the good music that comes from Lonestar State.


Sounds Like: Wintersleep, Arkells, Hey Rosetta!, Hollerado 
Influences: Mumford and Sons, Simon & Garfunkel and The Arkells 

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Armed with a collection of youth-driven anthems, this kinetic quintet has amassed a cult following, spiraling out from their hometown of Kitchener, ON, where Safe As Houses’ bandmates Elliot Anton (guitar, vocals) and Bensen Carter (cello, bass, vocals), along with brothers Andrew Laughton (guitar, vocals) and Thomas Laughton (drums, vocals), and Lauren Taylor (violin, vocals) laid the band's monumental foundation. 

**=Recommended Songs 

1. Those Days (3:36) recounts all the summer days that the band has spent playing music together, and generally attempts to capture our feelings of joy and gratefulness for having such experiences. 

2. **Alive (3:55) is a song that explores the ubiquity of impermanence and how this concept. persists in our lives. 

3. **Lucky Lucky (4:05) emphasizes the effect, and therefore importance, that single “snapshot” moments have in our lives. This narrative is told through the analogy of photography seeing photographs as the moments that define our life-story and self-concepts. 

4. **Bird on Display (3:45) is a song that touches on the role that social support systems play when working through mental health issues. 

5. Coney Island (3:08) compares love and relationships to a theme park ride at Coney Island. 

6. **Threnody (3:12) tells the story of an avaricious king who questions his life while on his deathbed. In his contemplation, he begins to regret his lifestyle and understands that he is unlikely to receive a threnody, or funerary song, upon his death as a result. 

7. Ghost (4:00) is about how pervasive addictive or habitual tendencies are in our everyday lives, like a ghost that exists within us. 

8. Kid in a Castle (4:25) is about the pitfalls of spending one’s life pursuing wealth and fame with the belief that this will make them happy-hypothesizing that it ultimately doesn’t. 

9. Hey Little (2:34) takes a calm stepback, putting the seemingly complex and overwhelming topic of life into a wider perspective. 

10. Just A Dream (2:53) explores having surreal feelings towards life, especially when pondering emotionally-laden topics. 

11. **Lucky Lucky (Acoustic (4:12) is about how the childhood emotions of wonder and excitement that we used to experience around Christmas have greatly decreased as we have grown older. 

12. **Heat in Our Lungs (Acoustic (3:43) is a song that explores the ubiquity of impermanence and how this concept exists in our lives. 


All songs written by Elliot Anton, Bensen Carter, Andrew Laughton, Thomas Laughton, Lauren Taylor 

Elliot Anton: vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin |  Bensen Carter: vocals, bass, cello |  Andrew Laughton: vocals, guitar, piano  | Thomas Laughton: drums, vocals | Lauren Taylor: Violin, viola, vocals 

Recorded by J. Richard Hutt at Cedartree Recording Studio | Mixed by Sam Hillifer | Mastered by Joāo Carvalho 


Fresh off the release of their critically acclaimed 3rd studio album, "Lucky Lucky," Safe As Houses continues to push boundaries in the folk world with their genre-splicing alternative-folk sound, infused with flecks of pop and rock. 

Chasing a more expansive sound, Safe As Houses enlisted Lauren Taylor (violin, vocals) to round out their signature string-centric arrangements and soften the edges of their soul-stirring harmonies. 

Since their debut on the music scene in 2014 with their freshman album,The Fall of a Sparrow, and further fuelled by their follow-up releases, Hurricane (2016), and Lucky Lucky (2018), audiences and critics alike have celebrated their undeniable musical aptitude, praising their tight performances and likening them to legendary artists: "Their music follows in the footsteps of Mumford & Sons with orchestral arrangements and big builds... will leave you with goosebumps" - BAM Productions

On the heels of their most recent release, Safe As Houses inspires a new generation of listeners with their fresh, energetic take on the genre, while dabbling in whimsy and nostalgia to satisfy even the most seasoned of folk enthusiasts - "If ever there was a record that could reach several generations of roots fans all at once, this might be it" -Roots Music Canada. With the world at their feet, 2019 promises to be a definitive year for the young band with the release of their new album, Lucky Lucky Deluxe. 

Press Quotes 

Roots Music Canada - “This young band from the Kitchener/Waterloo area brings some gorgeous harmonies to its unique and beguiling modern folk-crossover sound.”  AND “The arrangements are cinematic and ethereal, carefully walking the line between jangly pop-rock electric guitar riffs and sweet violin licks and banjo parts.” 

TOUR - *subject to change – SAFE AS HOUSES- CHECK OFTEN FOR Full Tour HERE 

MAY 4 SAT | Hamilton Salvation Army Mountain Citadel (COMC Annual "Hope" Concert) | Hamilton, ON 

MAY 18 SAT | Horseshoe Tavern | Toronto ON 

MAY 30 THU | Paris Fairground (PEACE DAY ONTARIO 2019) | Brant, ON 

JUN 19 WED | True North 2019 | Waterloo, Canada 

JUN 21 FRI | The Music Hall Concert Theatre | Oshawa, Canada 

JUN 22 SAT | Tunes for Trees | Waterloo, Canada 

JUN 26 WED  | Monigram Coffee Roasters  | Cambridge-narrows, Canada 

JUL 13 SAT | Desboro Music Hall | Chatsworth, Canada 

AUG 10 SAT | Clock Tower Stage - Victoria Park | Kitchener, Canada 

AUG 25 SUN | Queen Victoria Park Stage at Queen Victoria Place | Niagara Falls, Canada


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