Bruce T. Carroll Releases New Single "Lift Your Head Up" September 25 

Bruce T. Carroll Releases New Single "Lift Your Head Up" September 25

Trespass Music is pleased to release Bruce T. Carroll's new single "Lift Your Head Up." The new single is a timely and powerful anthem releasing on September 25 to radio. The single follows Carroll's two critically acclaimed albums "Ruckus and Romance" and "Finding You."

Bruce T. Carroll | CONNECTICUT | Americana | Folk | Singer Songwriter 

Lift Your Head Up | Release Date September 25, 2020


After releasing two critically acclaimed albums in the last three years, “Ruckus and Romance” (2017, "devilishly brilliant", "intensely beautiful"/No Depression), and “Finding You” (2018, a "fine, intense commentary on America's past"/No Depression), Bruce T. Carroll has just released his new single, the timely and powerful anthem "Lift Your Head Up" to radio. ( ) 

Bruce's music, lyric-driven and imagistic, has been described as an amalgam of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Mark Knopfler and Bruce Cockburn. His signature songs, including "When Two Worlds Collide" (from Ruckus and Romance) and "Fox In The Henhouse" (from Finding You), continue to get significant airplay worldwide. These songs, along with "Lift Your Head Up" and others from his catalogue, are rooted in his conviction that music and social conscience come from the same wellspring of humanity, and derive meaning and power from their ability to unite and inspire. 


4:36      Words and Music Copyright 2020 Bruce T Carroll  - BTC SONGS - ASCAP  

I'm not just killin' time, I'm not just chasing after rainbows 
And if I speak my mind, it's not whichever way the wind blows 
We walk through growing shadows 
We walk through shattered glass 
We live in troubled times 
We hope this too shall pass 

From the ebb of ancient history, To the arc of measured time 
From the lost and the immortal, from what's yours and what is mine 
The cries of guileless children 
The crush of evil men 
Our hopes get swept away 
And we build them up again 

Why don't you turn, why don't you look 
Why don't you lift your head up 
Why don't you cry out 
Why don't you scream 
Why don't you run, sound the alarm 
Keep our children safe from harm 
This is our promise 
This is our dream 

Now the fates have not smiled often, and the years have not been kind 
Though some have gained great fortune, there are so many left behind 
Though great work be discarded 
And great love held in disregard 
We hold these truths in our heart 
And we'll defend them twice as hard 

Now we're locked in another battle, like the ones we fought before 
Now I'm asking for your help tonight, and I'm standing at your door 
Come out come out and raise your voices 
Come out and raise a hue and cry 
We'll fight this thing together 
And we'll be standing side by side 

Why don't you turn, why don't you look 
Why don't you lift your head up 
Why don't you cry out 
Why don't you scream 
We can't turn back, we can't fall down 
This is the point of no return 
This is our future 
This is our dream


The song was recorded with a band of supremely accomplished musicians, including Marc Shulman, Tommy Mandel, Sara Milonovich, Nicole Alifante, Joe Bonadio, and Lincoln Schliefer.  

Words and Music: Bruce T. Carroll  
Engineered and Mixed: Al Hemberger at The Loft, Bronxville, NY  
Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Bruce T. Carroll 
Guitars: Marc Shulman 
Piano & organ: Tommy Mandel 
Bass: Lincoln Schliefer 
Drums: Joe Bonadio 
Violin & BG vocals: Sarah Milonovich 
BG Vocals: Nicole Alifante  

Bruce T. Carroll has promoted his work on stage in the past three years alongside artists such as Slaid Cleaves, Ellis Paul, Jimmy Lafave (RIP), Dan Bern, Vance Gilbert, and Rita Coolidge, and has headlined shows with his band at various clubs in NYC and the tri-state area, including the Bitter End, Rockwood, Colony, Falcon, Turning Point and Towne Crier. Last summer marked Bruce’s ascent to various Festival stages, including the Pleasantville Music Festival, The River Spirit Music and Arts Festival, and the Black Bear Americana Festival