Davey O.'s "A Bright Horizon Line" Earning Stellar Reviews

 Davey O.'s "A Bright Horizon Line" has earned reviews from Italy's Remo Ricaldone of Lonestar Time and from Belgium's  Freddy Celis - Rootstime

Roots Music Report charts sees Davey up again and hitting #41 this week with his single "In Its Own Time." Davey recently earned #20 Top Album for the month of April, with DJ favored songs - "Don't Dream It's Over,"  "In Its Own Time" and "To Buffalo,"  and #29 for Top Artist with Folk DJ-L charts.

Davey O.'s journey has just begun and it is definitely "A Bright Horizon Line." 



The journey, intended as a metaphor for life or more simply as a geographic point of view, is at the heart of these songs, beautiful acoustic dyes painted by Davey O., songwriter from Buffalo, New York who resumes an interesting career, three years after the release of his previous CD, the highly appreciated "No Passengers." 

"A Bright Horizon Line" tells tales about longing for home after long tours, acceptance of what gives us positive and negative lives, new people on the road, hopes and disappointments, and a sound track with a very positive impact. The writer plays acoustic guitar throughout and is joined by a few, but inspired guests – from the experienced Tracy Grammer who lends her voice on two songs, to the incisive mandolin (and also fiddle) by Eric Lee, the dobro of Pat Wictor, and the piano of Matt Nakoa. 

"Coming Home" and "To Buffalo" express with great urgency, a poetic love for their "places of the heart" while songs like "In Its Own Time", "Nothing Could Go Wrong" and "My Parade" express throughout a wisdom for the need to accept and overcome the challenges that daily life faces, while "For Them" and the splendid "The Easy Work" that opens the album are the result of experiences where the narrator is enriched with new knowledge and friendships. A unique and somewhat surprising cover is "Don’t Dream It's Over," a big hit for Crowded House - performed in an effective, simple first take. "A Bright Horizon Line" can be a valuable travel companion on your most intimate and poetic nights.” 

Remo Ricaldone - Review Lonestar Time – Italy 

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Singer-songwriter and troubadour Davey O., from Buffalo, New York, has recorded a new album with the support of 76 music lovers who supported him with their donations through the fundraising site “Kickstarter “. 

The sequel to his previous albums, the 7-song ep "No Passengers" from 2014 and the full-cd "Testing For Rust" from 2012, is the optimistically titled "A Bright Horizon Line", which consists of ten songs, nine of which are new compositions, along with one cover song completing the track list. That cover is his personalized, mandolin-played acoustic version of the song "Don’t Dream It's Over", the big hit from the self-titled album by “Crowded House” from 1986. 

All the guitar work on this album was played by Davey O. Eric Lee plays mandolin in four songs and violin on "In Its Own Time", Matt Nakoa plays piano on the song "OK", and Pat Wictor plays on dobro on the songs "Nothing Could Go Wrong" and "My Parade". Tracy Grammer creates beautiful female harmony vocals in two songs: "The Easy Work" and "Nothing Could Go Wrong." 

In the song "Making Good Time" he provides information on the CD-cover that this song may contain offensive language, but only the word "goddamn" appears to be used, we would like to forgive the use this word. In the year 2017, nobody should be alarmed anymore. 

"Coming Home" is a song he wrote in 2005 about the loneliness in the existence of a traveling troubadour who was on the road 75 days a year. Currently, he has doubled the number of days of performances, but those feelings of loneliness have remained the same. "To Buffalo" is finally a musical tribute to his home in Buffalo, New York, where he always returns with great happiness. 

"A Bright Horizon Line" is a nice new album with delicate songs that can be absorbed by the listener from the first listening. It is therefore a confirmation of the sympathetic songwriting capabilities of this American."
 Freddy Celis - Rootstime - Belgium - Valsam Valère Sampermans

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Davey also received a rave review from Geoff Wilbur - "Davey O. has a style all his own… and, at the same time, not unlike a lot of other top folk artists. Most importantly, his voice is insistent, tuneful, and carries a lot of emotion, exactly what’s necessary to tell a good story. He also approaches his songs vocally from a variety of angles, allowing his album to contain stylistic variance and remain entertaining from beginning to end. Indeed, on at least a third of his songs, there’s a more western style of strumming, earning Davey the occasional sub-classification of Americana, and rightly so. I’d say his more country songs perhaps categorize him alongside Willie Nelson, while his folk songs would place him onstage with anyone from Bob Dylan to Jim Croce, though Davey’s voice is a bit smoother. And while I wouldn’t classify his voice as gravelly, he is capable of accessing a rough edge whenever he ups the emotional ante. In any case, for anyone whose tastes are triangulated by (or even border) that trio of artists, Davey will hit your sweet spotDavey’s voice will reach your soul, and the lyrics on at least one of his songs is likely to speak to something deep inside you. Geoff Wilbur Music  - Read the full review HERE 






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