Folkapotamus "Middle of Nowhere" Earns Stellar Review from Germany 

"With their second, Middle Of Nowhere titled album recording, the sequel to their 2014 debut album Whispered Words, this Boston-based, Massachusetts-based folk duo has created a delightfully laid-back album that's easy to hear in one listen. FOLKAPOTAMUS - these are singer and songwriter Penni Hart and singer / musician Tony Trites, who found each other six years ago. With the support of some of New England's best musicians, they conjure up a well-tempered mix of six well-written originals, traditional folk songs and the personal remake of a rock favorite that reflects the musical influences of the two artists very well. Within the album, melancholic folk hymns dominated by the singer's bell-ringing voice and her fondness for strong stories, including the tracks "Road To Nowheresville" or "River Slope Mine" (a historical song telling the tale of a mine accident in Pennsylvania) emerges an album well laid out. Nice!

Max W. Achatz - COUNTRY JUKEBOX - Munich, Germany 


"Middle of Nowhere" debuted on the Folk DJ-L radio charts for September #29 Top Album and #19 Top Song, October #43 Album #22 Top Song and continues to receive airplay. 

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Penni Hart was born and reared in Springfield, Illinois. She was first given piano lessons at the age of 5 and continued to study music throughout her life. She is an avid reader, which shows in her songwriting - as most of her songs tell poignant stories, some of them about family and growing up in the Midwest. In her 20s she moved to her adopted home of California and worked at the famous "Freight & Salvage" where she was introduced to all different styles of songwriting. After moving to the Boston area in 2008, she teamed up with Tony to become Folkapotamus.  

Tony Trites grew up in the Boston suburbs. His love for music started at age 10 when he was introduced to the saxophone. After taking piano lessons in high school, Tony played keyboards and sax in a number of bands throughout his college years. A reunion with high school band mates led Tony to purchase a bass guitar, which he taught himself to play. Tony’s influences range from jazz to classical, to modern rock and most recently, folk.   

Penni and Tony currently reside in Massachusetts with their two interesting rescue cats Fernando and Oliver and two budgies Tyngo and Coconut. 

"Folkapotamus pulls it all together on their new project! There's excellent songwriting by Penni Lynn Hart, along with fine musicianship and harmonies. Songs of relationships and life with a cool cover song for good measure."   Joltin' Joe, the Mad Scientist Radio Nowhere 

Folkapotamus ~ A large sounding name that is the perfect example of the acoustic duo folk thing. Warm, enveloping, unpretentious, exciting in a quiet way, two voices that seem to effortlessly blend to tell great poignant original story songs. Folkapotamus is a big hug that yet whispers great music in your ear while you're in its embrace.” -Vance Gilbert  

"...beautifully sung, heartfelt songs" -Rich Warren, The Midnight Special, WFMT, Illinois  

"Folkapotamus has put an excellent project together" -Jim Fisher, WGSC 91.1, Indiana 

Folkapotamus's first studio release, "Whispered Words," was released in August of 2014. It made the Folk DJ Chart in August, and was also included in the Top 600 CDs of 2014. Their debut album was also named as one of the "Top 25 CDs of 2014" by Joltin' Joe from Radio Nowhere on WMSC in Montclair, NJ, and also The Back Porch's Top 30 CDs of 2015, 88.1 WVPE, South Bend/Elkhart, IN. Chicago Folk DJ Rich Warren also named “Whispered Words” as one of his Picks of the Week in January of 2015. 

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