Ken Dunn - "Wondrous Beauty" Earns Rave Review from No Depression  

Ken Dunn's new album, "Wondrous Beauty" has earned a rave review from No Depression contributor John Apice!

A sampling of the review is below the picture. The in-depth review is well worth the read and Trespass Music urges you to read by clicking HERE

" “Wondrous Beauty” is Ken Dunn’s 7th release and Ken’s work on this new ten track LP has some moments of “wondrous beauty” for sure. The collection is competent music played by proficient musicians who love this genre. Even if one is not familiar with this type of enduring music it can sneak into your feet, heart, and soul. All words and music: written by Ken Dunn who must have that song catcher soul to have such tradition in his musical mind."

"With a little Goose Creek Symphony feel – Ken sings the crunchy “Crawl on Back,” with nice percussion and peppered with Jacob McCauley’s bodhran and Tyler’s fiddle which continues to be awesome – not fiery – just awesome in the clarity and control in his expressive playing and occasional diversions into grinding strings. It all reminds me of the some of the work of the late Papa John Creach with both the Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna. In actuality, this tune is very much in the tradition of Hot Tuna with the way the acoustic guitar adheres to the fiddle. This is a stew of wonderful notes stirred perfectly. 

It’s probably songs like this that helped get this album noticed and recently charting at #48 Worldwide in the Folk DJ-L charts, and even more impressive at #7 Canada Folk DJ-L charts. That’s wonderful news.

"Ken's vocal and playing do have forays into the stylings of folk-legends like Tom Rush, Tom Paxton, the late David Ackles and of course, the previously mentioned late John Hartford."

“On My Merry Way,” which continues with Tyler Beckett’s streamlined fiddle, Anna Green’s backup vocal just below the surface of Ken’s best vocal. This song is closer to the tradition of 70’s Medieval-folk-rock band Amazing Blondell with Eddie Baird who explored similar terrain. This is simply something to savor because it's done so well." JOHN APICE - contributor No Depression

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